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Open Access Policy

Open access is the publication process in a sustainable manner that is different from the traditional method of management journal articles in publications ranging from the submission, review, confirm and eventually published. In a system of open access publication, the individual reader or reader institutions are not charged in accessing articles or other resources. Readers are free to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search and connect to the full text of this article without having to subscribe to the journals of the article is published.

Currently APMAI using free OJS of PKP Publishing services, and hopefully in the future the journal APMAI growing and can develop OJS with better performance and is expected to be covered from the institute and author. To that end, the author will be charged which may be used for the development of the journal APMAI.

Further explanation related to open access, please follow the page:




The author should not submit his/her manuscripts to multiple journals. Likewise, an author should not submit any paper previously published anywhere in the journals for consideration.

The author should guarantee that the works he or she has submitted are original. If the author has used work and/or words of others, appropriate citations are required. Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behavior and is unacceptable.

The author should indicate all sources that have supported the research and also declare any conflict(s) of interest.

The author should give due acknowledgement to all of those who have made contributions to the research.

The author should promptly inform the journal editor of any obvious error(s) in his or her published paper and cooperate earnestly with the editor in retraction or correction of the paper. If the editor is notified by any party other than the author that the published paper contains an obvious error, the author should write a retraction or make the correction based on the medium of publication.

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