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Association of Research Management Indigenous Indonesia (APMAI) is an association of practitioners and scholars as well as other parties who have a desire to bring all forms of tradition that developed in communities throughout Indonesia in order not fade eroded by the flow of foreign cultural or technological advances that exist today.

Indigenous Management Research Association of Indonesia was established on January 24, 2015, by obtaining Determination Letter Deed No. 30 on the establishment of the Association of Indonesian Indigenous Management Research (APMAI).

APMAI future also hope to be able to build partnerships with research institutions, community organizations, companies and foundations by providing a variety of programs to support and promote all forms of research and development scientists in Indonesia, particularly related to the management of local wisdom Indonesia.

APMAI currently trying to follow developments in the world of research by conducting seminars, conferences publication of books, proceedings, and scientific journals, especially in the field of Management Sciences. Although not close in the future to develop knowledge in other academic fields, such as social, humanities, and the economy itself.


The development of research in the field of management and management of indigenous Indonesia to global research.

Values ​​are built

Have high integrity in the scientific field

Build unity and justice for researchers


Publishing scientific papers (ber-ISBN book, proceedings, and journal publications)

Development network for research

Seminars and Conferences